Aqua Dog and Cat Rehabilitation




Do I need a referral to bring my pet to Aqua Dog and Cat Rehabilitation?

No. While many clients are referred to us by their veterinarian (for post-operative therapy, for example), our doors are open to all dogs and cats. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment.

My pet is not injured or recovering from surgery—just getting older. Do you offer services for elderly dogs and cats?

Absolutely. Aqua Dog and Cat Rehabilitation welcomes aging pets and their owners, and in fact, we have much to offer these dogs and cats as they reach their mature years. See our services page for more details or contact us to schedule a consultation.


Does Aqua Dog and Cat Rehabilitation operate out of any other location?

Yes. Limited services are available at Hodes Veterinary Group, in Mine Hill, New Jersey, where you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Conway. If the Mine Hill location or hours better suit your scheduling needs, she can perform exams, consultations, and select minor treatments there. The majority of our therapeutic services take place at the Flanders facility, where we have plenty of space and access to our full range of equipment.  

Do you fit pets for custom braces, carts, and wheelchairs?

Yes, we do. We fit for My Pet’s Brace (Available only at Hodes Veterinary Group, satellite location) and Eddie’s Wheels products. Please see our services page for more details.

Do you treat any animals besides dogs and cats?

No. Though we love all animals, our rehabilitative services are designed specifically for pets of the canine and feline variety.