Aqua Dog and Cat Rehabilitation

Aqua Dog and Cat Rehabilitation

North Jersey’s Home for Animal “PT”


We treat the whole pet—body, mind, soul.

Welcome to the home of Aqua Dog and Cat Rehabilitation, a state-of-the-art center for canine and feline physical therapy and integrative rehabilitation services based in Flanders, New Jersey. Our caring team of therapists, led by Kristine Conway, D.V.M., C.C.R.T., is here to help your pet—with everything from post-operative rehabilitation to improving mobility and strength to aging gracefully—with customized treatment plans that combine the latest therapies and techniques with plenty of love and support.




24C Bartley Road
Flanders NJ 07836

(973) 927-0030

When I was living in the Caribbean while going to veterinary school, my dog had hip dysplasia. I recognized the benefits of swimming in the ocean and witnessed first-hand the positive effects it had on her overall quality of life. When I returned stateside, I kept her swimming and could radiographically follow the benefits of how water therapy was helping. This motivated me to help others, and so I decided to found Aqua Dog Rehabilitation, now Aqua Dog and Cat Rehabilitation.
— Dr. Kristine Conway

Pets Need Physical Therapy Too

Physical therapy is a powerful tool, and when combined with the incredibly healing and strengthening properties of water, it can yield truly astonishing results. Dog and cats are very physical beings—when their furry bodies aren’t operating at 100 percent capability, you can almost see their little spirits sink low. This is the mission of canine and feline rehabilitation: to restore pets to their best possible state, physically and emotionally.

As a veterinarian-owned and operated facility, we take pride in offering the latest, most effective treatments in animal rehabilitation and integrative medicine. We are happy to work as a team with your pet’s primary veterinarian or design a custom treatment plan based on our initial consultation and evaluation of your pet’s needs.

Count on our expert, compassionate staff to see your pet through their post-surgical rehabilitation, injury recovery, weight loss, athletic training, or—for senior and geriatric pets—therapies to achieve an improved quality of life with plenty of patience and encouragement.


Our motto

We treat the WHOLE pet. Our work is not complete until your dog or cat is the happy, healthy, strong, and confident furry being you know and love.